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DJ2PJ        Person  •  Station  •  Concept

-The Person -

A portrait of the operator and his background, his views, and his interests

- The Station  

The profile of a typical amateur-radio station operated in most of the common modes.

 DJ2PJ  oder: Wie man unter Umständen Funkamateur wird -

Die Geschichte, wie ein Schuljunge sich durch fortwährendes Experimentieren ein Virus einfing.

Im PDF-Format


The Åland project (1994-2006)


 50 Years on Airwaves -

DJ2PJ's Golden Jubilee (the original webpage of 2005)

- Log Search

Searching for QSO(s) with DJ2PJ - or just finding out what he most recently worked.

Not  available!


 Testing  1 - 2 - 3   4  YOU

Die hy-gain AV-640 --

DJ2PJs Praxisbericht über die beliebte Mehrband- Vertikalantenne

- Die hy-gain AV-640

Download des Berichts von DJ2PJ im PDF-Format (41 Seiten, farbig bebildert)  Stand: Januar 2017


DX and Other Challenges...

DX is... -

A primer and an up-to-date portal to other DX websites (no revision anymore)

- Hadi's QSL of the Month

The (bi)monthly QSL for DJ2PJ's clip-on picture frame

Not continued!

Hams in Flying Boxes and Rocky Nutshells --

DJ2PJ's QSLs from stations on aeroplanes and on ships

- Radio-Amateur Tit-bits Krimskram für Funkamateure

Bits and pieces, (nearly) forgotten DJ2PJ webpages and more to look at or for download

Allerlei (fast) Vergessenes zum Anschauen oder Herunterladen

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Published: January 2017
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