Hadi's QSL of the Month

No question - one of the highlights in amateur radio is receiving QSLs, those documents precisely and in great detail confirming a radio contact (QSO) that has taken place between two stations. Moreover, some people regard  QSL cards as "the final courtesy of a QSO". I believe this to be absolutely true - provided we are talking about genuine paper cards, designed and sent to you  by your QSO-counterpart as sort of his very personal and unique identification. A "buisiness card" for radio people, so to speak. I use to receive more than fifty QSL cards from the DARC's QSL bureau once every month and another half-a-dozen cards, maybe, coming by mail. I every now and again ask myself: Which, in terms of graphic or photographic design, is the most appealing or remarkable card, and which, in terms of usefulness for a certain diploma or another self-set target, is the most helpful? And in addition to that: How did the operator or the group of operators represented by the card had performed in the contact(s) I had with him or them? What has my experience with the QSL manager been? And after all: which QSL possibly covers all these aspects in a more than just positive way?

A decision like that, monthly as it is, can only be a very subjective one. Nonetheless, I would not really like to keep my decision from you. So here it is: my, Hadi's QSL of the Month, the QSL-card for my (virtual) clip-on picture frame.


September 2018




Rep. of Guinea

Loos Island Grp  AF-51

operated by Alain, F5OZC, and Seb, F8DQZ

November 2017

An exotic but "easy-to-reach" spot


Other activations from the same DXCC-, IOTA-entity (or a predecessor) or anything else worked and confirmed:


3XY1D  October 2011   3XD2Z  May 2007   3XM6JR  December 2006   3XY3D/p  November 2017
            Tristao Isl Group  AF-96



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