Amateur Radio
DJ2PJ - The Person

In case you really want to have a look at... (more or less) private or professional corner... 

Born in 1935 in Elbing (now Elblag, Poland), grown up and school education in Nienburg (North Germany).

Studies of Psychology, English and German literature. Educated text and photo editor, free-lance science journalist, book editor for Umschau Verlag (with a focus  on arts and picture-based books), later for Suhrkamp Verlag (special aspects of literature, psychology, natural and social sciences), book translator (H. Alfvén, E.C.M. Frijling-Schreuder, R.D. Laing, A. Prokopiou, and others). Lectureships in adult education institutions.  Since 1972 director of examinations and publishing at a Frankfurt scientific institute for adult education, offering  programmed examinations in the modern languages and sciences throughout Europe. German representative in European organisations for further-education testing (languages and informatics). Retired since 1998.

Recent publications: Hallstatt (2016), St. Bartholomä am Königssee (2016), Leben ist nicht genug, sagte der Schmetterling (2017), Goldene Ramsau (2018)

Married to Inge Teichmann (picture above), scientific translator and editor, since 1964; 2 children, 4 grandchildren.

Hobbies: amateur radio (since 1954) - photography (with a focus on nature, art, archtitecture, landscape, and portrait photography) - flower, rock and water gardening, garden design - cats, tortoises and turtles.

What I like beside my hobbies: my Family, lifelong learning, islands, classical music and traditional jazz, hiking, all facets of nature, the nearby Odenwald, good but not-too-dry wines, vineyards (all seasons), Bavarian food and the people making and eating it, neigbours with a soft spot for antenna aesthetics, dreaming on the sunny bench in my garden with a glass of Rosé or Riesling, my roses, my azaleas, my hemerocallises, nearly all other flowers, the purr of a cat, the croaking of frogs in the garden pond... briefly: everything...

What I really dislike: making war without being attacked, propaganda and advertising, pseudo-learned politicians (they are the most terrible pest of our time...), Nazis and other brainless frogs without wigs, economical globalisation and capitalists without social conscience (who treat humans even worse than other "raw materials"), all sorts of capital investors, the malicious system of "political correctness" (which is neither "political" nor "correct", but just a dirty synonym or a duplicitous euphemism for insincerity, ignoring the truth, and a cloak for constant lying. "Conciousness imperialism", "domestication of one's conscience", "passepartout justification", as Martin Walser said in his famous 2011 Harvard speech).

Above all:  I am a convinced Socialist!


Just a few of my thoughts:

I wish I could redo almost everything in my past - with the knowledge and the feelings of today.

The more you get to know - the more friends you are going to loose - the more lonesome you will be.

I wish I could plant a tree and be its roots.

To chafe with impatience is one of the great negative virtues of our time.

Being in doubt, you better talk to shadows than to real people.

Making you wear a uniform is stealing freedom.